Swedish Modules

Swedish Modules i Emtunga AB

Modular Construction with Qualified Technological Content

The company has extensive experience in modular buildings that require precision and technical accuracy. Its units are installed in many parts of the world. Today, the company supplies to the following industries: Offshore, Clean Rooms (operating rooms, laboratories, etc.), Industrial Functions (control centers for the energy sector, substations, data rooms) and Real Estate.

The modular company was launched in 1974 under the name Emtunga Mekaniska Verkstad AB, when it delivered the first residential accommodations for the offshore industry in the North Sea. In 1986, complete, modularly constructed pharmaceutical production plants were delivered. In 2009, the company was reorganized under the name Swedish Modules, which took over the concept, expertise and the production in Emtunga. In 2015, the company made history when it delivered the Nordic region’s first three modularly built operating rooms for Karlskoga Hospital.

Contact: CEO, Måns Belfrage +46 (0)512-77 33 09, mans.belfrage@swedishmodules.com



Grundels Fönstersystem AB

Grundels offers property owners and managers of properties an affordable system solution in the form of energy and noise insulation for existing windows. Its unique glass insulation technology quickly provides reduced energy consumption (of approx. 30%) and increased comfort for tenants. The insulating glass and system solution for assembly is produced at our own factory in Oxelösund, which has a capacity of 50,000 units per year. The company is headquartered in Karlstad and active throughout Sweden.

Contact: CEO Conny Grundel, conny.grundel@grundels.se. www.grundels.se


Aptic AB

“Smart software for hard cash”

Aptic is a fast-growing Nordic fintech company that have developed a market leading platform – Aptic ARC – for financial solutions and modules for payments, credit accounts, accounts receivables and debt collection. Changes and innovation in commerce and financial sector is the main driver for Aptic platform and solutions.

Aptic combine industry knowledge with IT expertise to enable business development and rapid solution deployment. The platform has been developed to run seamlessly with our clients’ systems and is based on almost 20 years of experience and knowledge. The result is one of the best, most comprehensive and advanced solutions on the market. Our clients, including Qliro, SEB, Intrum,  Komplett Bank, Visma among others, appreciate what we do, and we are expanding quickly.

Aptic’s customers are situated throughout Northern Europe, and they have approx. 70 employees at our offices in Stockholm, Trollhättan and Skövde in Sweden, in Oslo, Norway and Aarhus in Denmark. Aptic’s solutions are in great demand and the company is planning to expand to new markets.

Contact: CEO Knut Eirik Storsul, +47 911 70456, knut.eirik.storsul@aptic.se


Johan Lundh - Stenhaga Cannabiz

Stall Stenhaga AB

Stall Stenhaga has its operation at Stenhaga Farm in Vara and operates an active breeding and training business for up-and-coming show jumping horses. The horses compete up to the elite level.

Contact: CEO Anna Ellhage, anna@stenhaga.com

TL Invest

TL Invest AB

Through TL Invest, Stenhaga has invested strategically in renewable energy in the form of wind power. Together with TL Vind, the company has designed and built a wind power park in Vara municipality for generating electricity.

Contact: Sonny Klarén, +46 (0) 708 13 29 55, sonny@stenhaga.com