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Stenhaga Fastigheter AB

Stenhaga Fastigheter is a pure financial holding company whose subsidiaries operate and develop properties that are mainly located in western Sweden. Our current real estate holdings comprise more than 150,000 m2.

We invest in properties with good potential for development where we can build value.

Contact: Property Manager Sonny Klarén, +46 (0) 708 13 29 55,


Bjertorp slott

Bjertorp Slott

At Stenhaga, we also want to contribute to local development and help preserve properties that are important parts of the local cultural heritage. Bjertorp Slott is one specific example of a property that we have owned for several years now through our subsidiary, Perveni AB. When we assumed possession of the protected status castle along with its associated buildings, they were in major need of renovations, which resulted in investments in both interior and exterior areas.
Bjertorp Slott is Sweden’s youngest castle, built in a unique art nouveau style. The property is located in Vara municipality and was built by Knut Henrik Littorin in the 1910s. The architect was the renowned Ferdinand Broberg, who was also responsible for the Rosenbad and Nordiska Kompaniet buildings in Stockholm.
Today, the Winn Hotel Group AB operates a conference and hotel business at Bjertorp.

Contact: Property Manager Sonny Klarén, +46 (0) 708 13 29 55,


Kingsport AB

Kingsport Marina is a newly built marina centrally located in Kungshamn in the Guleskär district. Kingsport is a wholly owned subsidiary of Stenhaga’s property company, Perveni AB. The marina has 270 meters of docks and quays, a warming hall for boat storage as well as harbor office and service building. The service building includes a kitchen, showers, toilets and laundry facilities. There are also 18 newly constructed boathouses in the marina area.